Frequently Asked Questions

We believe through individual mixes of physical training and mental coping exercises the PTSD sufferer can live a life of wellness and fulfillmnent.

For Veterans we act. For patients in need. For progress we unite.

To support community education and awareness regarding Veterans, their struggles with PTSD and available alternative healing methods.

We develop the community and Veterans through two programs we call Full Introspective Resistance training and Energy pathway management and Immersion through Community Events.
We call them FIRE and ICE for short.
The best way to help? Get involved! We have many community events and projects. Your donation of time, services, or network can help our Veterans and community grow. Want us to do this full time? Sign up for an SHG membership, share our social media postings on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
You can help us in these areas:

  • Liasons for Veteran-support companies and groups across the nation
  • Bloggers to help contribute content for our visitors
  • Companies and small businesses donating services or products for our community
  • Medical, Holistic and Alternative medicine practitioners
  • Local companies that want to host our events

Vision. Purpose. Uniting a community. As Founder Dan Schmink says, “Truck don’t stop.” This dedication to positive change to affect the lives of our Veterans is the driving force behind Southwest Healing Group.

SHG will work towards improving the lives of veterans and its affiliate members through supporting their efforts to replace prescription pills with holistic treatments for PTSD and pain management. Through this, SHG will reduce overdose and suicide deaths among veterans.

  • Veteran Hikes
  • Fishing Retreats
  • Camping Trips
  • Cycling Events
  • Group Runs
  • Community Meetups


The members program is how you can access our full range of services and community efforts.

Joining the SHG family:

Discounts for retail and online products/services
Access to our FIRE and ICE programs
Access to our community events
Access to our employment and business networks
Career and personal development services
Employment placement services
Most importantly, helping us grow from a small idea to a big change.