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SHG Events

Want to help Veterans? Our SHG Membership allows Veterans and Civilians to support our mission while receiving in kind.
One of our core missions is to create a strong community through action and brotherhood for our Soldiers.

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SHG Membership

We strive to create a network of support throughout our local and national community. Our events are open to members only so sign up today. These events create a bonding experience for Veterans
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Educational Events

Our events promote holistic education and available alternative methods for wellness.
We speak on the breadth of natural healing resources including: meditation, yoga, coping exercises, group or creative therapy and emerging alternative options.

Industry Appeciation Night

October 2016, we went to Top Golf in Scottsdale, AZ for a night of education, fun and relaxation. Hosting over 230 people we had medical professionals, veterans suffering from PTSD and community professionals sharing their stories of success with alternative healing methods.
Speakers included:
Dan Schmink, SHG Founder
Kim Petters, Veteran Activist
Sarah Bargas, R.N.
Demitri Downing, MITA Founder
Ginger Mace, Pain Warrior Crew
A Navy EOD Veteran

Top Golf Scottsdale

Powerful speeches brought attendees to tears as these inspiring speakers shared their stories, successes and hopes for a future where alternative healing methods are the norm; not the exception.


Growth Events

Growth events are activities designed to promote bonding and personal growth. By bringing Veterans together for leisure or challenging activities it heals the body and mind.

If you would like to offer your services to help us organize the next Growth Event contact us here.

Fundraiser Events

Our fundraiser events will begin after final approval of our 501(c)(3). 
Contact us at to hold a fundraiser event in the near future.