Support Meetings

We hold local meet ups to provide a safe and understanding environment to share perspectives, meditation techniques and other personal tools towards PTSD improvement.

Growth Events

We believe finding purpose and brotherhood with fellow Veterans is found through community growth events.
Events such as:

  • Community projects (Actively Seeking
  • Community volunteer events
  • Hiking across the Valley
  • Public speaking

People helping people.

For Veterans We Act For patients In Need For Progress We Unite

SHG Partners

Southwest Healing Group is the outreach arm of a community. We endeavor to find other altruistic groups to bring our resources together for Veterans in need.
Through our combined perspectives and expertise we endeavor to give the public community and our Veterans the most guidance possible in recovering from PTSD, CTE/TBI, severe depression and other symptoms from military service. 

Community Support

Our mission, with your help, will be accomplished. The goal? Unite a people through pure and altruistic intentions.

We can’t do it alone, though.

Click below to discover how you can help. Together we’ll find the best way for us to combine our efforts and resources.

Yoga for PTSD

Working with local Yoga companies we are helping interested community members in understanding PTSD’s effect on the body. Through introspection and Yoga practice local groups are assisting our warriors on their journey of healing.

Educational Outreach

We are available for educational seminars to discuss current emerging science for alternative medicine, real-life tips and tricks for PTSD management, and the personal journey of our Veterans. 

Community Events

Get togethers for Veterans and members to socialize and share time with other Veterans who understand the journey after war or military service.