Southwest Healing Group, Inc.

2.8 Million

Iraq and Afghanistan combat Veterans

10 out of 100

Women Veterans will suffer from PTSD


OEF/OIF Veterans have PTSD in a given year

  • PTSD is more common in soldiers than physical wounds sustained in direct combat
  • 4 out of 5 Veterans that seek treatment for PTSD will receive dangerous opiates and anti-psychotics
  • 1 in 3 Veterans diagnosed with TBI will have PTSD or severe Depression
  • Veterans commit suicide at twice the rate of civilians

They didn’t fight in war to just to lose the battle at home.

Our Mission

To support community education and awareness regarding Veterans, their struggles with PTSD and available alternative healing methods.

Current Objectives (As of 27Mar)

  • Coordinating with other VSO organizations like American Legion and Veterans Affairs to combine our efforts for Veterans.
  • Structure and Board members
  • Video content discussing PTG, Veteran life after service, and tools in daily life to assist with stress relief and pain.

66% of Veterans with PTSD will go untreated

Our Vision

SHG will work towards improving the lives of veterans and its affiliate members through supporting their efforts to replace prescription pills with holistic treatments for PTSD and pain management. Through this, SHG will reduce overdose and suicide deaths among veterans.

Our Purpose

  • To educate the public and Veteran community to the available alternative healing methods in common use.
  • To build a network of Veterans to help one another.
  • To provide reliable programs and services to improve overall Veteran wellness and quality of life.


LInk to blog about Veteran organization in Arizona, a news infoarticle

We are Veterans taking care of our own

The Veteran’s Blog

link to blog about the journey after military service

By sharing our journey we hope other Veterans will feel safe to do so, too.

Our Story


Our story is a Veteran’s Story

Entering service is a conscious decision to sacrifice years of the body and mind for the greater good. For our country. For our loved ones. For the American Principles.

Dan Schmink, OEF/OIF combat Veteran, founded Southwest Healing Group in 2016 to address the growing disconnect between the public and Veteran’s issues. Returning from combat in 2007, Mr. Schmink began his mission to heal. His experiences and road to recovery led to SHG’s founding.

As a nation, we believe that Freedom is the ultimate ideal. Southwest Healing Group believes that freedom should include knowing the alternative and holistic healing methods available.

We believe you have the freedom to choose how you want to heal.


A soldier’s greatest asset is the mind. It’s trained to precision for a single goal – do as you’re told and complete the mission at hand. What happens when the mission and directives fade away? As sharp as the military can form this tool, it has yet to offer a solution to blunt its edge for the military men and women returning home to lead civilian lives.

PTSD, Depression, CTE/TBI, Anxiety, Aggression, Isolation… all of these are real issues that service members deal with each and every day. Current medical protocols recommend pill after pill. Current statistics show these standards are failing Veterans left and right.

  • Veterans commit suicide at twice the rate of civilians
  • 4 out of 5 Veterans that seek treatment for PTSD will be prescribed pills
  • 1 in 10 Veterans will have a SUD (Substance Use Disorder)
  • 1 in 3 Veterans diagnosed with TBI will have PTSD or Depression
    PTSD is more common than physical wounds
  • More Veterans take their lives than will die in combat

We must find a better way.


Southwest Healing Group is a group of Veterans and supporters that combine our life experiences, professional expertise and networks to create a support system of education, awareness, and programs to address the needs of our Veterans.

We’re people helping people.

  • Support groups
  • Community events
  • Educational events
  • Providing free services and assistance to our Veterans
  • Employment and Networking services


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